On Line RO Water Purifier-100/200 GPD


stage-1 PP Fiber filter cartridge Life Time : 2/3 Months
stage-2  Granular Carbon filter cartridge Life Time : 4/6 Months
stage-3 Die Cast Carbon filter cartridge Life Time : 6/8 Months
stage-4 RO Membrane Cartridge Life Time : 1 year Minimum
stage-5 RO Post Active Carbon Cartridge Life Time : 8/10 Month


1. Most advanced packaged water purification system. Not taking up much space (Standing/Wall Mountain), the set features safe,  reliable simple operation and produces water of good quality

2. The life of Cartridges clearly depends on water’s quality and usages of water.

3. Water filter of compact design, capable of removing all rusts, dusts, colour, bad taste, odour, bacteria etc.

4.Maximum flow capacity depends on water pressure & raw water quality. (12-14 Ltr/hr. when pressure is 1 bar.) ( Reserver capacity 40 ltr.  Approx)