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About POLE-STAR ENGINNEERING CO. (a water purifier co.)

Pole-Star Engineering Co. is extra oriented integrated environmental water purifier co. is water treatment solution of Bangladesh. It has adhered to the steady-going development as its strategic guiding ideology. The company is always going ahead steady and has gained favorable achievement. It has become one of the best water filter companies in Bangladesh. Our focus on the unique needs of individual markets, we follow of role in bringing quality products to our customers and increasing its international brand awareness. We have also beefed up our presence in the domestic abiding by the principal of Quality first, after sales Service and Prestige Supreme. The company has trained high-level young staff team, established a full set of advance marketing system and global sourcing. With the advanced managing experience, profound background and steady market base. We shall do our best to become, the most professional of water filter Company in Bangladesh. We committed to developing and maintain the special skills necessary to evaluate select an implement of water treatment technologies. Pole-Star Engineering approach combines theatrical experience with practical experience of a company. Most advanced packaged water purifier System. Not taking up much space, the features safe, reliable simple operation and produces water of good quality, It effectively filters out of Arsenic, Calcium, Magnesium Bacteria, Virus, Organic and inorganic substance, Metallic iron and radioactive substances etc. Water Filtered by set is crystal clear, tastes pure and natural. We provide varies types of water purifier system that is fully assemble from China & Taiwan.

Pole-Star Engineering Co